Bring your documents.

We'll do the rest.

Plates and Stickers

Once all requirements are met, we will issue new plates and new stickers at our office.

Smog Certificate

A smog certification from a California smog station is required.

VIN Verification

Your car will be physically inspected by an authorized DMV representative, or licensed vehicle verifier, or CHP.

Out-of-State Registration Card

What state was the car last registered? We'll need the registration card, or current renewal notice showing the registration expiration date.

Out-of-State Certificate of Title

In order to receive a California Certificate of Title, the last issued original out-of-state title must be surrendered.

Use Tax

If you owned your car for more than one year, this does not apply.

If you owned your car for less than one year you might have to pay use tax. Your tax rate is based on your home address. It is a combination of State and local tax rates unique to your residence. If you purchased the car within the last year from another state, provide documentation showing the amount of sales tax you already paid to purchase the car. This amount can reduce the use tax due.

Common Questions

Q. If I don't have the original title to the car, can I still register it?

A. Yes. However, you will not receive a California Certificate of Title. The California registration card will be marked as "Nontransferable." It must be processed in person at the DMV. Additional fees apply if you would like us to process the registration in person.

Q. Which DMV do you go to?

A. A registration service is required to go to the DMV IBC (Industry Business Center). This DMV office is not open to the public. It is for dealers, registration service, or commercial drivers.